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Johannes-Sebastian Strauss voc (Wikipedia), GER

Axel Rosenbauer - lap steel git (Colinda Cajun Band), GER
Alan Sommer -  trumpet (Homepage), DNK
Malte Tönissen - upright bass, GER
Martin "Duke" Herzog - git, GER
Daniel Lunkenheimer - drums (Homepage), GER

Paul Griesbach - tenor sax, USA

Christian Magnusson - trp (Homepage), CHE

Lutz Fussangel - bariton and tenor sax (President, Jazz fuer alle e.V.)

Benjamin Strauss - drums (Homepage)

Dieter Stelzer - bass

Hendrik Nehls - bass (Homepage)

Heiko Kulenkampff - piano, drs (Homepage)



(Former) Special Guests (photos see below):  Huelyn Duvall (USA), Andrew Carrington (live vid, AUS), Claudia Lahmann, Rolf Zacher, Bettina Labeau, David Hermlin, Lenard Streicher, Michael "Twango" Niedzwetzki, Julie Sue, "RIO the voice of Elvis", "Andy" Paul Dino Crocchetta (the voice of Dean Martin), Roger Pabst.


Photos you'll find on facebook. Here are some pre-selected pictures. (For videos click the menue "Music")

Vocal Guests:


These are only a few out of a big list of associated partner and friends of Long John & his Ballroom Kings. If you are looking for a DJ or technical stage equipment etc. feel welcome contacting the band



Morello's Clothing (UK) - Preferred Deliverer since 2015


Swing Patrol Berlin (GER) - Preferred Pro Dancers and Coaches since 2016


Capital Swing Events (GER) - band of the house since 2010 


Swing Event Calender for Berlin (GER) - local event calender



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