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Johannes-Sebastian Strauss - voc (Wikipedia), GER
Axel Rosenbauer - lap steel git, GER
Alan Sommer -  trumpet (Homepage), DNK
Malte Tönissen - upright bass, GER
Martin "Duke" Herzog - git, GER
Mirco Wessels - drums, GER

Paul Griesbach - sax, USA

Christian Weichert - piano
K.C. Miller - piano (Homepage

Christian Magnusson - trp (Homepage), CHE

Steffen Zimmer - trp (Homepage)
Dieter Stelzer - bass

Hendrik Nehls - bass (Homepage)

Moe Jaksch - bass
Michael Frick - bass (Wikipedia

Jonathan Robinson - bass (Homepage), USA
Lutz Fussangel - sax

Fuasi Abduhl-Khalig - sax (Homepage), USA

Carsten Liedtke - drs

Christian Makuth - drs

Max Grevenbrock - drs 

Michael "Twango" Niedzwetzki - lap steel git

Pippa Don - voc

Bettina Labeau - voc

Andrew Carrington - voc, sax (aka Drew Graham, Ex "10 Tenors"), live vid , AUS

"Andy" Paul Dino Crocchetta - voc (the voice of Dean Martin, "Dino 100" tribute)


(Former) Special Guests: Huelyn Duvall (USA), Andrew Carrington (Australia), Claudia Lahmann, Rolf Zacher, Bettina Labeau, David Hermlin, Lenard Streicher, Julie Sue and "RIO the voice of Elvis".



The songs from the band's repertoire fit all kind of different standard dances e.g. foxtrot, swing, jive, mambo, samba as well as walz and boogie woogie; and of course lindy hop, jitterbug etc.


CD Compilation

"So Cool", written by Long John
VÖ / publishing 2017 t.b.c. 

(Note: This CD contains swing & jive music of several European bands) 

7" vinyl single, 45 rpm 

"Pucker Paint", duet feat.: Huelyn Duvall
"Marty The Duke's Blues" (instrumental), written by Martin "the Duke" Herzog

Feel free to order in England or using the contact on this homepage

VÖ / publishing approx. April 2017, CJRO Rec., England

CD Compilation

"Blue Suede Shoes" (without Huelyn Duvall) 
"60 Minute Man" 

VÖ / published Nov. 2016, Zerberus Music, Germany. Feel welcome to set your direct order to Long John & his Ballroom Kings. (Note: This CD contains swing, jive, rockabilly, folk and medieval music of several bands.)

7" vinyl single, 45 rpm

"Blue Suede Shoes", duet feat.: Huelyn Duvall, USA, www.huelynduvall.com
"Is It True what They Say About Dixie" 
VÖ / published April 2015, Rydell's Rec., France,
Distribution RALL
VID-Teaser, 1 min.

7" vinyl single, 45 rpm

"Hep Cat Baby", written by JS Strauss (aka Long John) 
VÖ / published 2012, Migraine Rec.

CD Compilation

"Rip It Up"
VÖ / published: 2010, Part rec., Germany, various artists of the "Walldorf Weekender 2010". (Note: This CD contains rockabilly, jive and rock'n'roll.) 


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