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Swing KULTURTREFF Reinickendorf


This new cooperation of Capital Swing & Swing Patrol Berlin is powered by the district council of Berlin Reinickendorf. Sunday once a month from 3-7 p.m.:



03.12.2017, Long John presents: Blue Baba Swing Big Band


07.01.2018, Long John presents: Fuchs von Zimmer Trio




Dean Martin's 100 Birthday, 07.-09.2017


Mission accomplished June 2017. Final show was Sept. 18th, 2017. more...

NEW 7" Green Vinyl Record, 45 rpm, 04.2017


Published April 2017. This is the band's third vinyl record on 7", 45 rpm. (Discographie

Belgium Tour, 03.2017


Video live, "De Roma" theater, Borgerhout Antwerp


"Long John heeft zijn Balroom Kings opgedragen u te doen swingen, dus swingen zult gij!" 

(Long John hat seine Ballroom Kings angewiesen euch das Swingen beizubringen, swingen sollt ihr!)

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