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Dean Martin Revue 2019

(01.06., t.b.c., Dino Crocchetta Solo)

07.06., t.b.c., Berlin

16.06., t.b.a.



Großes Alliierten-Fest 2019

10.+11.05.2019, Berlin, Ernst Reuter Saal 


Mai 2019

30.04.2019, Potsdam, Nikolaisaal Foyer

                                           Tanz in den Mai 

                                           (Ticket VVK nutzen)

                                           große Tanzfläche



Eröffnungsball 2019

22.02.2019, Berlin, save the date

November 2018

14.11.2018, Berlin, Feuerwehrmuseum

                                   Veithstr. 5, 13507 Berlin

                                    19 Uhr, 15 EUR (nur VVK)

                                    Konzertante Show, keine Tanzfläche

October 2018

19.10.2018, Berlin, Kulturzentrum Staaken

                                     Sandstr. 41

                                     13593 Berlin Spandau

                                     (Tanzfläche vorhanden)

"In The Mood" is now on YouTube, 11.2017

"When The Cowboy Sings" is a YouTube channel with almost 20,000 friends and followers. 


Prior to this the demo song was posted only on facebook and collected approx 3,500 views within the first weeks of being posted on several fb sites. 

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