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Großes Alliierten-Fest 2018

11.05.2018, Berlin, am und im Ernst Reuter Saal


This "Allied Forces" retro event is powered by the district council of Berlin Reinickendorf. After WW II. and the Airlift we will celebrate 3 years of freedom.  



Es stehen kulturelle Aspekte im Vordergrund. Diese Veranstaltung richtet sich mit Wort, Bild, Ton (und leiblichem Wohl) an die gesamte Berliner Bevölkerung und deren Gäste. Geschichte zum Anfassen. Bands, Tanz, DJ, Talk-Show, Ausstellung, Vortrag usw., siehe

Eröffnungsball 2018

16.02.2018, Berlin, Tegeler Seeterrassen, "Palais am See"

                    This ball is the kick-off for all event in 2018 managed by the                            district council of Berlin Reinickendorf. 12 EUR for buffet &                              show. Get your advance ticket after January 16th, 2018                                    at Rathaus Reinickendorfoffice No. 59 (ground floor, left side). 

Dezember 2017

X-Mas Swing Dances with Long John & his Ballroom Kings

05.12.2017, Rostock

06.12.2017, Berlin, Kulturzentrum Staaken. And again October 10th, 2018

Swing KULTURTREFF Reinickendorf, several events 2017/18

This new cooperation of Capital Swing & Swing Patrol Berlin is powered by the district council of Berlin Reinickendorf. Sunday once a month from 3-7 p.m.:


07.01.2018, Long John presents: Fuchs von Zimmer Trio

04.02.2018, Long John presents: Jazzformation Just Friends Trio

04.03.2018, Long John & his Ballroom Kings, ft. Mrs Bettina Labeau

08.04.2018, Long John presents: Vintage Jazz Sextett

06.05.2018, Long John & his Ballroom Kings, guests t.b.a.

03.06.2018, Long John & his Ballroom Kings, guests t.b.a.

Sommerpause  /  Summer Break (Juli, August 2018)

02.09.2018, Long John & his Ballroom Kings, guests t.b.a.

07.10.2018, Long John & his Ballroom Kings, guests t.b.a.

04.11.2018, Long John & his Ballroom Kings, guests t.b.a.

09.12.2018, t.b.c.





Note: Long John & his Ballroom Kings is the house band for all Capital Swing events in Berlin, Germany since 2010.

"In The Mood" is now on YouTube, 11.2017

"When The Cowboy Sings" is a YouTube channel with almost 20,000 friends and followers. They set us to their list of western swing bands and posted our demo song of Bob Wills' arrangement of "In The Mood". 


Prior to this the demo song was posted only on facebook and collected approx 3,500 views within the first weeks of being posted on several fb sites. 

Dean Martin's 100 Birthday, 07.-09.2017


Mission accomplished. more...

NEW 7" Green Vinyl Record, 45 rpm, 04.2017


Published April 2017. This is the band's third vinyl record on 7", 45 rpm. (Discographie

Belgium Tour, 03.2017


Video live, "De Roma" theater, Borgerhout Antwerp


"Long John heeft zijn Balroom Kings opgedragen u te doen swingen, dus swingen zult gij!" 

(Long John hat seine Ballroom Kings angewiesen euch das Swingen beizubringen, swingen sollt ihr!)

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