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BEAR FAMILY Records is distributing all 3 vinyl singles worldwide, e.g. "Blue Suede Shoes" on Bear


The songs from the band's repertoire fit all kind of different standard dances e.g. foxtrot, swing, jive, samba  etc.


Below are discographie and pre-selected videos. 



Find the latest on top of the list. The band's debut is "Rip It Up" on a compilation, published 2010, see below. 

7" vinyl single, 45 rpm 

"Pucker Paint", duet feat.: Huelyn Duvall, USA, 
"Marty The Duke's Blues" (instrumental), written by Martin "the Duke" Herzog

Distribution: England, Tessy Records Germany, Bear Family.
VÖ / publishing April 2017, CJRO Rec., England
VID Teaser, 1:59 min.

CD Compilation

"Blue Suede Shoes" (without Huelyn Duvall) 
"60 Minute Man" 

VÖ / published Nov. 2016, Zerberus Music, Germany. Feel welcome to set your direct order to Long John & his Ballroom Kings. (Note: This CD contains swing, jive, rockabilly, folk and medieval music of several bands.)

7" vinyl single, 45 rpm

"Blue Suede Shoes", duet feat.: Huelyn Duvall, USA,
"Is It True what They Say About Dixie" 
VÖ / published April 2015, Rydell's Rec., France,
 Distribution RALL
VID Teaser, 1 min.

7" vinyl single, 45 rpm

"Hep Cat Baby", written by JS Strauss (aka Long John) 
"Dragnet" (instrumental) 
VÖ / published 2012, Migraine Rec.
VID Teaser/Soundie, 3:15 min.

CD Compilation

"Rip It Up"
VÖ / published: 2010, Part rec., Germany, various artists of the "Walldorf Weekender 2010". (Note: This CD contains rockabilly, jive and rock'n'roll.) 

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