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Jazz in the head, rockabilly at heart and swing in both feet!


Long John & his Ballroom Kings are mainly performing non-public events for VIP’s from the fields of politics and the economy. Nevertheless the academic musicians around their bandleader Johannes-Sebastian Strauss (aka “Long John”) wow wild lindy hoppers (swing dancer) and thoughtful observing jazz fans as well as the jivin' rockers. JS, which are the leaders’ initials, stand for a rich musical heritage family name as well as for individual jazz and swing!


In the capital of Germany swing music is back again “en vogue”. But Long John and his Ballroom Kings are neither a fashion occurrence nor all of the musicians originate from the creative metropolis of Europe. The ensemble provides an elegant, dynamic and full of passion distinctive style. Long John & his Ballroom Kings present exquisite jazz classics, preppy peppy swing and jive hits as well as original songs written by the band. They present classics of the 1930’s to 50’s from Duke Ellington to Bill Haley. They indulge their passion technically sovereign and perform with experienced international flair. Every live performance will be completed with the signature melody "Dead Ski", which is based on the Radetzky March of the "jubilation Quadrille" Opus 228. As a result of original arrangements even songs like "Blue Suede Shoes" (Rydell's Records France, published 2015) get an individual sound. In November 2016 the band started working on a follow-up vinyl record to “Blue Suede Shoes”, featuring with Huelyn Duvall (Texas, USA) again. This next record was published 2017 by CJRO Records in England. In the past the band did play in Germany, France and Belgium. (For references on former festivals etc. scroll down the sub-menue Booking with references/press/repertoire.)


Johannes-Sebastian Strauß (Strauss) and his musicians contribute their share so that the swing genre remains alive in the 21st century. But money is not only green as the dollar, and jazz not only Duke Ellington. Therefore LJBK provide on request (and depending on the occasion) a few cajun songs, rockabilly, country and r'n'r. (Feel welcome to the band's rock’n’roll line-up of the Mint Tones, Wintergarten Theater.) The band leader is on stage since the 1970’s and is touring throughout Europe and the US since. For discography see the link below on Wikipedia Germany. Strauss established his first cowboy jazz band in 1993. Due to new impulses and demands his recent band was outgrowing of this group in 2007. 


Berlin vs. Las Vegas: The band occasionally uses the opportunity to pimp up the show with vocal guests e.g. Mrs. Pippa Don, Mr. "Andy" Paul Dino Crocchetta (voice of Dean Martin, "Dino 100 tribute"), Mrs. Bettina Labeau and Mr. David Hermlin (of Andrej Hermlin Swing Dance Orchestra), Mr. Lenard Streicher, Mr. Andrew Carrington (aka Drew Graham of the "10 Tenors" from Australia). As a very special guest from USA you can book the rock’n’roll legend Huelyn Duvall who recorded during the 1950's with Elvis' vocal group "The Jordenairs". (2016 live vid, 14 min. medley.


More About ... Long John

Johannes-Sebastian Strauss was born into a Christian family with a rich music heritage. Growing up on American music he disliked waltz and slow songs in genral. Forced by the family tradition, John was learning serious classic music over three and a half years in a music School, starting 1977. But his first band was a rock and roll trio. So Strauss was working in the fields of hog wild rockabilly since 1978. It was his training for flashy showmanship which he is still using occasionally, while his band members back up their flat-out routine. The band’s pitch-perfect performances have wowed politicians, VIPs (see the references at booking information) and stars as well as young and old listeners and hep cat dancers. To give you a flashy picture: 220 up to 480 people have seen Strauss (with the "Mint Tones") five night per week for almost seven months 2011 with the “Peppermint Club” show at the legendary Wintergarten Theatre in Berlin, Germany. On and off Strauss sings a very few lyrics in his German language, mainly while touring the US or doing movie shootings. Strauss shared the stage with rockabilly rebels (e.g. Ray Campi, Sleepy LaBeef, Huelyn Duvall, Johnny Legend etc.) as well as top 10 chart breakers such as Carl Perkins, Wanda Jackson and Marvin Rainwater. His Gold Top Gibson ES295 guitar was signed by music legends Carl Perkins ("Blues Suede Shoes"), Franny Beecher (Benny Goodman Orchestra, Bill Haley & his Comets), Scotty Moore (Elvis) and James Burton (Elvis) and Roland Janes (Jerry Lee Lewis). 2005 and 2008 he was touring with Wanda Jackson in Germany. Wanda Jackson is on Strauss’ last CD, which was published 2008 (on TCY Rec.) with his recordings from SUN in Memphis, Tennessee. For someone born in the mid 1960s in Europe that's golden credibility that only few others can claim. Learn about Mr. Strauss' rockabilly and rock 'n' roll heritage ...


Click the left pic to watch 3:39 min on Strauss' (aka Long John's) rockabilly heritage.


Note: Strauss has a channel on YouTube containing several different playlists such as for his swing band Long John & his Ballroom Kings..

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